The Calendar Card


To download pdf file of the Year-at-a-Glance Chart – Click Here


This is not a trick (by itself).  It’s a prop for Aronson stack practitioners that can be used in several effects that I’ve previously published.


As my readers know, I’m enamored with the Birthday Book concept, popularized by Alex Elmsley, and I’ve come up with several variations.  One change that I’m particularly proud of is my change from a small diary or date book to a one-page, year-at-a-glance calendar.  This prop makes the trick more portable (you can always carry one, folded up in your wallet) and makes the chart more innocent and deceptive, because everything is out in the open, to be seen all at once without any apparent pattern being noticed.


I first published this idea as “The Calendar Card” in Simply Simon, and you can check there to learn the simple operation of this prop.  Since then I’ve used it extensively, and have included two quite different presentations (with explanations) on Volume 2 of my DVDs (see, “The Calendar Card” and “Anytime Birthday Shopping”).  The sidebar graphic displays a couple of uses to which I’ve put this chart.


Because it’s a time-consuming task to construct the actual chart, a lot of people may possibly be missing out on what I think is an extremely strong effect.  So, I’m presenting my chart (applied to the Aronson stack) here as a pdf download, in the hopes that more people will discover this versatile tool.  If you want to replicate my full props you’ll need to get your own greeting card or zodiac designs, but the hard part (the chart) is now available to you.


I hope you can make use of it.



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